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Gas Regulators / Gas Governers




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    Air / Gas Ratio Regulator

    AIR /GAS REGULATORS accurately maintain a constant air/gas ratio over a wide range of firing rates in both nozzle-mix and premix gas burner systems. Molded diaphragms ensure excellent tracking, repeatability, maximum flows, and superior turndown.
    One regulator can be used for several burners controlled by the same air valve, but often it is better to have a separate regulator for each burner.
    .When a dual-fuel burner's atomizing air is left on during gas operation, the Regulator can be set to compensate for the extra air over the controlled main air by adjusting the spring for up to 1 osi "leak" with no impulse pressure.

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    High Pressure Regulator

    . Inlet pressure 200 bar maximum
    . Delivery pressure adjustable 1 to 10 bar
    . Fluid media, non corrosive gases
    . Temperature range -40oc to +70oc
    . Body ports 1/4" / 1/2" npt female
    . Pressure gauges 50 mm diameter
    . Wetted area parts ultrasonically cleaned corrosion resistance
    . Make : Weldcut, Arth or Esab with ss diaphragm

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    Adjustable Regulator

    Used for small comercial installations or installed on manifolds / piping.Installed on any High Pressure Adoptor or on pipe or on high-pressure valves to obtain variable outlet pressure to use appliances with high-pressure burners. These regulators can be used for first or second stage pressure regulators and are stable over the entire range of delivery pressure.  Adjustable pressure 0-20 psig.............

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    Under Pressure shut-off Valve

     Under-pressure shut-off valves which provide back-up protection should the regulator fail or the gas supply pressure falls to a dangerously low level, for example if the bulk tank becomes empty for some reason.

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    Gas Governers

     All propane  and L.P Gas applications require the use of a regulator. Because pressures in propane tanks can fluctuate significantly, regulators must be present to deliver a steady flow pressure to downstream appliances. These regulators normally compensate for tank pressures in from as little as 30psig to in excess of 200 psig and commonly deliver 11 inches water column for residential applications and 35 inches of water column, (27.7 inches of water column equals 1 pound per square inch), for industrial applications. Propane regulators differ in size and shape, delivery pressure and adjust-ability but are uniform in their purpose to deliver a constant outlet pressure for downstream requirements. As is the case in all regulators, outlet pressure is lower than inlet pressure. some pressure drop is observed in regulator  so in choosing the perfact regulator for differnt  process please see the graph of pressuer drop with quantity of flow  required.