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    Advance India Projects Ltd

    Design, supply,  Installation ,Testing & Commitioning  Reticulated  L.P Gas System For  40 Restorants & food court For  celibration mall amritsar Panjab.

    Satelite Forgings Ltd

    Design, Supply, Installation , Testing , Commitioning  of LOT Gas Manifold  LPG & Pipeline system for heat Treatment & Forging funaces 

    ASA Retails PVT Ltd

    Design, supply, Installation,  testing of commitioning OF   900 kg two nos  VOT L.P Gas  System For  powder coating oven.

    JAY FE Cylinders LTD

    Design & supply of L.P Gas Train  for Spining Machines & Heat Treatment Plants.

    Standerd Coatings

    Design, Supply,  Installation & Commitioning  of VOT L.P Gas Manifold For  Powder Coating, Curing Ovens  & Pretreatment Plants. 

    Satyam Auto companents

    Designing, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of  Carbon Di-oxide & L.P. Gas Manifold System  for  MIG Welding M/c  & canteen.

    Godrej & Boyece Manufacturing Co. Ltd

    Design, Supply,Installation , Testing , Commissioning  of LOT Gas Manifold  LPG & Pipeline system for Paint Shop & Pretreatment.

    Emkay Auto industries Ltd

    Design, Supply & Installation Of L.P Gas Pipe Line, Rotary L.P Gas Meter for Heat Treatment of Springs & Powder Coating Ovens.

    Airport Authority of india

    Design, Supply , Installation  Testing &  Commissioning of VOT L.P Gas Manifold for two Projects Ie ATC  & Club. 

    Vita Life Laboratories

    Design,Installation,  Testing & commissioning Of    VOT L.P Gas  System For  Canteen & Hydrogen, Nitrogen Manifolds for Lab.